Frank smoking up Trey chicago 2015.

New Music!!!!  

We have moved our rehearsal space from its summer location to its winter, and have found it to be conducive to learning and arranging several new Rebel songs.  With a couple more wed night rehearsals these songs will be ready to be unveiled at our shows with our ever growing February Calendar.  We now have a ballad to add to our set list and a powerful minor reggae jam.  There was a quasi Rebel show at  "Woodys" Thursday night jam session at the Red Herring in Williamstown.  Al and Woody along with several guest musicians created some pretty great improv jams for a packed house full of Williams college upperclassmen.  They have been trained in how to rage, and did a great job of it.  In other news,  We are in the process of putting together a best of StrangeCreek and WormTown cd in the near future and should have it up and posted on the website.  If anyone is interested in pre ordering it you may make a donation and leave us a message with your address to send it to you. Thanks for the support RebelBase we would not be here without you.

January 2016 Checking in with the fanbase 

It is the middle of January , and it is cold and windy in RaageTown!!!!  The band has been Playing a limited winter Schedule in 2016.  So far this year We have played gigs at The grille in Adams,. The Green Door at Stratton. and the Downtown pub in Pittsfield. All great shows,  We appreciate all the fan support.  The rebel base has been growing this past year, and continues into the new year. More shows to be announced soon.   There will be activity on the website this month with some video uploads, and audio uploads as well.  There will be a podcast coming shortly as well.. There are some new songs in the works, as life happens we end up with material to work with.  There will also be an event that is being planned now. This event will be hosted by the rebel crew and feature some heady bands.  More information to come.  Rock Reggae Revolution  Rejoice!


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